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check out Layla new portfolio of naked images :)

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hello pepes,

David here given you the newest inof on layla. she has just open a portfolio on DA. if you are interested in more info and images of the met-art model layla love then check out this portfolio

thanks for checking in


Shooting With Jessica of

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I have re open the site which was my first attempt at webmastering a site. ?i had many fun shoot producing the content for the site. currently just a place holder i intended to open a whole new site with Jesscia as one of the featured model. check it out should be opening a members area with several weeks.








David Michaels erotica nude photographs

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Layla A for femjoy.

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recently submitted images of layla to Hoping these new images make it on to the site. i have attached samples here .

let me know your feelings!!





New stuff From Layla (met-art model)

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Layla A. AKA Layla Love one of my best friends and a great model. Over the last few years i have been working Almost weekly with here. Here i have attacehd sample images of her from a recent shoot. the location was some random state park near tampa. let me knwo what you think.










More of DeeDee AKA Hot4DD

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one of my favorite models of all time. Smart, Pretty over all a 10. Over the years one the model who i shot the most. She has never really been published, howver not becasue she did not have option. DeeDee was one of the first models i realy work long term with. I found that both in term of  growth as a artist and the relationship itself was extermely rewarding.  IMG_6823For many years we work together. All the fun things i did, all the cool places i have visited with they lovely ladies. To her and the many other models i have worked with over the years. Thank you:)




See more of DeeDee, follow the links!!


New Model Holly Marxxx

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A few weeks back i shot with Holly. A s a model she has a good bit of potential. Working with young and attractive women is very much a double edge sword. Its fun when thing go well. however when they do do well it hard to deal with.  Pick stable and reliable talent is the most difficult issue when working freelance. My first tip when screening talnet is never shoot the first time with a new model and pay them. make sure the first shoot is a test with no clients or income riding on the shoot. this take the presure of you and the model. Allowing you time to figure out the models prior to conducting any kind of business with them. bear in mind that it does not matter how good looking the model is, is she has a bad personailty or has some sort of quirk. it will come out. on the flip side if you find a model who shows up (for free) and puts in a good effort. then that model has illustrated the proper out look towards shooting. if you deal with models who only focus is Quick cash. there is no hope long term doing business with that model. there is also no chance that the model will ever truely understand how to make artwork. Photography being a business based on creating artwork, in my opinion there is little hope long term formaking money.IMG_3238_1_1IMG_3319_1 - Copy

Busty Teen Jessica AKA Hot4DD aka the model DeeDee

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A few years back i work on a project. Although the model was great and most of the elements to create a good site where there. Things never pan out. the site was . the model Jessica AKA the model DeeDee, was great and we shot a lot of content. 90 % never seen the light of day.

when i open my site site DeeDee will be one of the feature can check it out now. IMG_0291

I will be rolling out content of the Wonderful and Beautiful model DeeDee as well as 100’s of other great models @




the Goal for the site is to be a archive of all the thing that happen in my world. will be the one stop shop for all my works wich are not sold to my clients. an archive of David Michaels Photography.


Showcasing the many beautiful and wonderful women i have shoot over the many years i have been a artist. will be my personal vision and sum total of my experiences as a photogrpaher.

also check out my other portfolio where you can see more info on me as well as more naked girls.

i hope you enjoy my work and the model Jessica AKA DeeDee