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Move of my work Published

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Here are some new samples of recently publsihed work.please check out these site
to see more of me and the wonderful model Layla A @

layla met-art

check out Layla new portfolio of naked images :)

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hello pepes,

David here given you the newest inof on layla. she has just open a portfolio on DA. if you are interested in more info and images of the met-art model layla love then check out this portfolio

thanks for checking in


Grand opening for

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Well Guys its hear. CCBill is processing but we don’t have VISA yet.
so its kind of a beta. But check it out at

I am still interested input for this is a Work in progress. Layla will be
shooting for webcam show as well as photo and video updates weekly.

like i Sad Visa is not a go yet, but all oterh cards are.
i shoot have Visa starting first part of next week

But check it out at

Fighting the Bad Weather Blues:)

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can you shoot in bad weather on location..Maybe. Recently i did a outdoor shoot with Layla love the shoot had been planned for a few weeks and the weather turn very bad fast just after the shoot started. Most of the time that is the end of the shoot. However at layla request we continued shooting. even those i tolder her i could not pay for the shoot.

here are a few samples.IMG_7365

Layla A for femjoy.

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recently submitted images of layla to Hoping these new images make it on to the site. i have attached samples here .

let me know your feelings!!





New stuff From Layla (met-art model)

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Layla A. AKA Layla Love one of my best friends and a great model. Over the last few years i have been working Almost weekly with here. Here i have attacehd sample images of her from a recent shoot. the location was some random state park near tampa. let me knwo what you think.










Angeli (domai) AkA Nathaly

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When i open up my site ( i will be bring a good deal of content both old and new stuff. One of the models would you will be seeing a lot of new stuff from will be Angeli (Angel Estrate). please feal free to contact me if you are interested in see more photos of her. Also Photographer or Producers if you are interested in content.

Let me Know!!












She more of her by clicking the links below