Danica Logan

Emotional Content with Danica Logan

I have been in the Arts my whole life. What stands out to me in any form of art is the emotional content, the fealing behind the piece. sure the techical aspect of the piece need to up to par. However a techically sound piece of art does not mean it a good piece of art. Oftenly i have obsered a piece can be techically weak , yets still good. 


I think that is one of my main techiques.  To focus on creating Images that retain True Candid Emotions in the images. I focus on Capturing images during Act of “true emotions”.  I think this leads to the images retaining Emotional Content and depth of image.  In my shoot with Danica Logan, one of my favorite models. i knew that the content created during the shoot was above par. The interaction was good, we had some good times shooting and the content from the shoot i felt was very strong. I think what people are reacting to is the fealing and the subtle facial feature and expression capture during the shoot.


Check out more photo of Danica Logan at www.Met-Art.com




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