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Layla A for femjoy.

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recently submitted images of layla to Hoping these new images make it on to the site. i have attached samples here .

let me know your feelings!!





New Hot4DD

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Hello Again.

it is monday. and it looks like its going to rain. Dealing with weather some time can be difficult. However, i have learned that you can get great shots in any kind of weather.

However i prefer a good florida spring weather. feb to may in florida is very nice. Fall is also a good season for shooting. Both for the same reason. typically the weather is warn but not so how that its melts the models make up off.

DeeDee AKA HOT4DD AKA Jessica Berger


jessica berger huge tits

who is the hottest model?

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who is the hottest model on my blog

New stuff From Layla (met-art model)

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Layla A. AKA Layla Love one of my best friends and a great model. Over the last few years i have been working Almost weekly with here. Here i have attacehd sample images of her from a recent shoot. the location was some random state park near tampa. let me knwo what you think.










Shooting With Dawn

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Recently i work with a new model. I shot her at one of my standard locations near St. Pete beach. I alway like working with the new models. Its always interesting to meet new people. Much of what i do is based on the interaction of the model and myself. It’s kind of a chemical reaction. so time the reaction is something new and wonderful. other times , not so good.

Daw was one of the good ones. see belowIMG_1444IMG_1197IMG_1197


let me know:)

Angeli (domai) AkA Nathaly

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When i open up my site ( i will be bring a good deal of content both old and new stuff. One of the models would you will be seeing a lot of new stuff from will be Angeli (Angel Estrate). please feal free to contact me if you are interested in see more photos of her. Also Photographer or Producers if you are interested in content.

Let me Know!!












She more of her by clicking the links below

More of DeeDee AKA Hot4DD

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one of my favorite models of all time. Smart, Pretty over all a 10. Over the years one the model who i shot the most. She has never really been published, howver not becasue she did not have option. DeeDee was one of the first models i realy work long term with. I found that both in term of  growth as a artist and the relationship itself was extermely rewarding.  IMG_6823For many years we work together. All the fun things i did, all the cool places i have visited with they lovely ladies. To her and the many other models i have worked with over the years. Thank you:)




See more of DeeDee, follow the links!!